☓ what Is your booking process like if we want to pursue you for our wedding?

I never want to over complicate things for you. I try to give you the best experience in the easiest form. My booking process is ultimately controlled by you. Some couples want to sit down in person, some prefer to communicate via phone, some couples know right away if they want to move forward. When you decide you want to book with me, I draft up a contract & there is a 20% retainer fee to hold your date. Once I receive those two things from you, you’re golden!

☓ what is your approach toward capturing your clients?

First thing is first! I want you to be comfortable. I want to photograph each session differently depending on who YOU are! I prefer to capturing natural movement, emotions and candids; I can help direct you when needed but I want it to be all YOU!

☓ how many photos can we expect?

A lot of photographers will only allow clients to have a certain amount of photos without extra charges, I am big on giving as much as I can! You chose me to capture your wedding day; I want you to have as many beautiful photos possible even the silly ones! The amount of photos one can receive ranges between 500-1000. It depends on the amount of hours you choose, whether or not you have a wedding party, the size of your guest list, etc. 


☓ what if I don’t know how to pose myself?

Like I mentioned above, I’m not going to expect you to know what you are doing. I’ll definitely let you know if you have a lil’ too much chin happening, or if your hands are awkwardly placed. I want this to be enjoyable and relaxed, not cheesy. As someone who pays a lot of attention to detail, I’ll make sure you look GOOD.


☓ when should we expect our photos? 

I want to get your images to you as soon as possible! The time of year can have an affect on this. My contract stated 4-7 weeks. If you are getting married in the dead of winter, chances are you’ll receive your photos within the month, while someone who is getting married during the height of the season may not receive their photos as quick. 

☓ do you help style your clients for their sessions?

YES. I so enjoy planning shoots and looking through your mood boards. Pintrest is my best friend! I even love helping brides pick out the best bridesmaids dress colors. Some clients are super great at styling themselves, and some need a little help and thats OK! Either way, I want you to feel comfy, confident and look amazing in your photos. You can text me your outfit ideas, and I’ll even send some outfit inspo to you if it’s wanted! My biggest piece of advice, is to dress like you with a little extra. If you aren’t someone who would ever catch themselves in a dress - DON’T WEAR ONE! If you’re a guy who hates button up shirts - ditch it! Have to wear your favorite hat? By all means; Be you.


☓ I want my pets in my photos, is this okay?

100% YES! Pets are always welcome. Very much an animal person.


☓ do you offer payment plans?

Typically my wedding packages have a 20%-30% retainer with the remaining balance due two weeks before the wedding day. But I am always open to discussing this with clients and possibly creating payment plans. Wedding planning can be very expensive, and sometimes overwhelming for couples. I understand! Please communicate with me about your financial concerns and I can help create a payment plan that will fit your needs. 

☓ what is your cancellation/rescheduling policy? 

My cancellation policy is straight forward, the retainer you put down when booking me is non-refundable. Retainers are nonrefundable because when we book your date - we take it off the calendar and no one else is able to inquire for that date. It insures that your date cannot be given to anyone else. This policy goes for all sessions not just weddings. If you cancel or no show, that retainer is then served as a non-refundable cancelation fee.


you need to reschedule your wedding or session due to emergency or weather, your retainer will transfer over to your new date. There may be a rebooking fee if you reschedule due to a personal decision. For example, rescheduling a session less than 72 hours before the session will require a rebooking fee. Weekend dates between the months of June - September would be subjected to a much higher rebooking fee than a weekend in February. Weddings being rescheduled due to an act of God (for example, COVID19: will result in no rebooking fee)

☓ do you travel for weddings? Is there travel fees?

Yes! I will go everywhere!

I have family in Arizona so if that's you, travel fees will be waved as I like to visit as much as I can!

I also have a travel bucket list! If you're planning on having your special day in one of those places, all I ask is that you pay for my travel / stay and your wedding will be on me! 

☓ photography can be quite an investment, why is this?

I am including this question because it’s not common knowledge on how much work goes into event photography. Wedding photography is more complex than it looks; trust me! There is so much technical experience and prep work that goes into understanding lighting, angles, skin tones, positioning, and being able to capture candid moments intentionally! Not to mention the constant updating of gear over time to make sure things are working properly at your wedding. It takes years for photographers to perfect their style of work. It is essentially an art form. It took me about 3 years to truly find who I am as a brand. I'll spend hours prepping for weddings, between consults, engagement sessions, and creating timelines to capturing the wedding day itself; then after the event is over, we aren’t even finished! We spend hours culling through the thousands of images we took from your day, editing them by hand to make sure they are consistent, and the storyline flows in a way that you’ll remember it forever! Wedding images are the only tangible record you will have from your day. The photos, this investment, is truly forever and it makes me so happy to know you chose me to photograph your love! 


☓ why should I hire you above anyone else?

I can not express how much joy it brings me to get to know each and every one of you and be able to give you images you will look at for the rest of your life! There are hundreds and I mean HUNDREDS of professional photographers out there you can go with. I want to be your friend! I will celebrate WITH you on your wedding day. I will send you congratulations texts on your graduation day. I will want to photograph your growing family! I am not just a photographer I am a person and I truly value my clients I like to call friends! Every photo you send me showing my images on your walls of your home genuinely is the reason I do this job. These memories I get to capture for you mean the world!